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The Society for Glycobiology is soliciting nominations for the 2024 annual Awards described below.

The Awards Committee will choose the recipients of the Meyer, Kornfeld, and Significant Achievement Awards and the Board of Directors will choose the recipient(s) of the Distinguished Service Award. All SFG members are invited and encouraged to submit nominations under the guidelines given below. However, before submitting any nominations to the Society, the primary nominator must contact the candidate in advance to obtain their permission to be nominated and ensure the nominee is aware of the nomination, selection processes and eligibility rules.

In 1990, the Society established the Karl Meyer Lectureship Award to honor the distinguished career of Karl Meyer and his outstanding contributions to the field of Glycobiology. This Award is presented to one SFG member each year at the Annual Meeting of the Society followed by a formal lecture by the Awardee.

Nominees should be well-established scientists with currently active research programs who have made major and widely recognized contributions to the field of glycobiology. Nominees must be SFG members in good standing.  

Rosalind Kornfeld Award For Lifetime Achievement in Glycobiology

The Rosalind Kornfeld Award for Lifetime Achievement in Glycobiology was established in 2008 to honor the distinguished scientific career of Dr. Rosalind Kornfeld, as well as her outstanding service to the Society. This Award is presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society followed by a formal lecture by the Awardee.

Nominees should be scientists who have made significant contributions with an important impact on the field of glycobiology over the course of their professional lifetimes. Nominees do not need to be SFG members and may be either employed or retired. The SFG may present  Rosalind Kornfeld Awards to zero, one, or more individuals in any single year.  

Glycobiology Significant Achievement Award

The Glycobiology Significant Achievement Award was established in 2016 by Oxford University Press (publisher of Glycobiology) and the Society for Glycobiology. This Award is presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society followed by a formal lecture by the Awardee.

Nominees should be new or mid-career scientists at the Assistant or Associate Professor level. Full Professors or those at an equivalent non-academic rank are not eligible. If a nominee is promoted to the rank of Full Professor or equivalent during the 3-year period in which their nomination packet is active, they will no longer be eligible for this Award.  

Nominees do not have to be SFG members, but they should have an active research program and a key discovery during their early careers that had or has a potentially substantial impact on the field of glycobiology. 

Society for Glycobiology Distinguished Service Award

The Society for Glycobiology Distinguished Service Award was established in 2021 and is presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society. No formal lecture is given by the Awardee.

Nominees should have a sustained record of distinguished service to the Society for Glycobiology and/or the glycobiology community. Nominees do not need to be SFG members and may be employed or retired. The SFG may present Distinguished Service Awards to zero, one, or more individuals in any single year.  

Instructions for Submitting Nominations

Please adhere to the following SFG Award eligibility rules: 

  1. No self-nominations are allowed.

  2. Previous recipients of any SFG Award, including the President's Innovator, are no longer eligible for that same Award.

  3. Previous recipients of any SFG Award, including the President's Innovator, are ineligible for all SFG Awards for the next 7 years.
  4. Current Awards Committee members may not be nominated nor can they submit nominations for any SFG Award, except the SFG Distinguished Service Award. Current Awards Committee members are Kiyoko Aoki-Kinoshita (chair), Susan Bellis, John Hanover, Gabriel Rabinovich, and Taroh Kinoshita.

  5. Only current SFG members are allowed to submit a nomination packet for SFG Award candidates.

  6. Finally, please be sure to review and adhere to the specific eligibility rules for each SFG Award given above. 

Please note if your nominee is chosen for an Award, you will be asked to write a one-page biography and introduce the winner prior to their talk at the upcoming SFG annual meeting.

For all nomination packages:

  1. Please submit a nominating letter in which you include:
    1. A brief description of the nominee's scientific achievements and/or service contributions that merit the nomination.
    2. Other aspects of the nominee's career that might be taken into consideration (e.g., mentorship of trainees, impact on the field, service to the Society, etc.).
  2. Please do not submit any letters of support. None are required and none will be accepted.

For all nomination packages EXCEPT the SFG Distinguished Service Award:

  1. Please also submit the nominee's curriculum vitae with their complete bibliography and separate their publications into:
    1. Original peer-reviewed articles.
    2. Other publications (do not include abstracts).

Please send all nomination packages as emails with attachments to:  Don Jarvis ([email protected]), SFG Secretary. 

Please note all nomination packets will remain “active” and considered by the Awards Committees for a total of 3 years. All nomination packets will be removed from the pool at the end of their third year under consideration. However, nominators may re-nominate an inactive nominee by submitting a fresh nomination packet or may submit a fresh nomination packet for an active nominee. In either case, this will re-set the 3-year clock. As noted above, if an active nominee for the Significant Achievement Award is promoted to Full Professor or equivalent, they will no longer be eligible for this Award. Finally, as also noted above, the packets for any nominee who receives an SFG Award will be removed from their respective pools and those nominees will no longer be eligible for the same Award. 

DEADLINE for receipt of all nomination packages is 5:00 PM, MDT, July 8, 2024


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For questions or to discuss a customized sponsorship plan, please contact:

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GlycoForum-Education, a new section in Glycobiology


Dear Glycobiologists and Friends,

I am excited to inform you about a recent addition to the Glycobiology journal-GlycoForum-Education.  This newly established section is designed to foster collaboration among glycobiologists and to encourage the sharing of innovative teaching approaches and materials.  The primary aim is to enhance the teaching of glycobiology by facilitating the exchange of expertise and resources, both within our field and beyond.

GlycoForum-Education Section: The GlycoForum-Education section of the journal serves as a dedicated platform for manuscripts that describe novel approaches or materials for teaching subjects related to glycobiology. The emphasis is on presenting these contributions in a concise format, with a maximum length of 4000 words. Authors are requested to adhere to the manuscript preparation guidelines outlined in the journal’s Instructions to Authors.

Supplementary Materials: In an effort to enrich the collaborative nature of this initiative, authors are encouraged to include 2-3 PowerPoint slides in the Supplementary Materials section of their manuscripts, when appropriate. These slides are intended for use by others in the teaching community.

Call for Contributions: The success of GlycoForum-Education depends on the active participation of our community members. Therefore, we extend an invitation to all glycobiologists to contribute to this section by sharing their unique teaching approaches, materials, or insights. Your contributions will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and development of glycobiology education.

We look forward to seeing this section thrive with you valuable contributions. Thank you for considering being a contributor to GlycoForum-Education and for your ongoing commitment to advancing glycobiology education.

Best regards, 

Karen Colley
Editor-in-Chief, Glycobiology

Announcing the 2023 Society for Glycobiology Awardees

On behalf of the 2023 SfG Awards Committee and Board of Directors, we are pleased to announce the 2023 SfG Awardees!

Karl Meyer Lectureship

Dr. Taroh Kinoshita, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

Rosalind Kornfeld Award For Lifetime Achievement in Glycobiology
Dr. Kelly Ten Hagen, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA
Dr. Donald Jarvis, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY, USA

Glycobiology Significant Achievement Award
Dr. Matthew Macauley, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Dr. Sean Stowell, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

ASBMB Molecular and Cellular Proteomics Lectureship
Dr. Max Crispin, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK

President’s Innovator Award
Dr. Paul DeAngelis, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA 

Society for Glycobiology Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Rita Sarkar, NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA  

CONGRATULATIONS to all 2023 SfG Awardees!!!