2020 NIH Common Fund Glycoscience Program Events

Sept 14, 2020 
New Tools to Explore the Biology of Bacterial Polysaccharides

Sept 18, 2020
The Biology of Glycosaminoglycans in Health & Disease


Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 & Glycans


New Tools for Finding Glycans in the PDB & Using the information to Model 3D Structures of Glycans and GlycoProteins

2020 NIH & FDA Glycoscience Research Day

Glycobiology Courses

[Link] - Fundamentals in Glycobiology - Produced in association with the NHLBI/NIH-funded Glyoconjugates and Cardiovasuclar Disease Program of Excellence (PEG) at the Johns Hopkins University

[Link] - AAI Advance Course in Immunology -  This intensive course is directed toward advanced trainees and scientists who wish to expand or update their understanding of the field. Leading experts present recent advances in the biology of the immune system and address its role in health and disease.


Glycobiology Lectures

[Video] - Professor Carolyn Bertozzi (Berkeley and Howard Hughes Medical Institute) presents, in these two YouTube lecture videos, her perspectives on Chemical Glycobiology. Lecture 1 provides an excellent introduction to protein glycosylation and its relevance to influenza virus infection and inflammation (48 min).
[Video] - Lecture 2 provides an outstanding introduction to dynamic molecular imaging of the glycome in cells and organisms (58 min).
[Video] - Dr. Hud Freeze (Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute) discusses current issues in Congenital Diseases of Glycosylation in this excellent YouTube video (39 min).
[Video] - New England Biolabs YouTube posting describes experimental basics of working with N- and O-linked glycoproteins (6 min).


Glycobiology Textbooks

'Essentials in Glycobiology, 3rd edition', Edited by Ajit Varki, Richard D Cummings, Jeffrey D Esko, Hudson H Freeze, Pamela Stanley, Carolyn R Bertozzi, Gerald W Hart, and Marilynn E Etzler, is a comprehensive and up-to-date compendium of Glycobiology knowledge formatted in a readily accessible fashion. The text is also available in hard copy from Cold Spring Harbor Press.

Glycobiology course materials (SfG members only)

Materials to come; check back later!