GlycoForum-Education, a new section in Glycobiology


Dear Glycobiologists and Friends,

I am excited to inform you about a recent addition to the Glycobiology journal-GlycoForum-Education.  This newly established section is designed to foster collaboration among glycobiologists and to encourage the sharing of innovative teaching approaches and materials.  The primary aim is to enhance the teaching of glycobiology by facilitating the exchange of expertise and resources, both within our field and beyond.

GlycoForum-Education Section: The GlycoForum-Education section of the journal serves as a dedicated platform for manuscripts that describe novel approaches or materials for teaching subjects related to glycobiology. The emphasis is on presenting these contributions in a concise format, with a maximum length of 4000 words. Authors are requested to adhere to the manuscript preparation guidelines outlined in the journal’s Instructions to Authors.

Supplementary Materials: In an effort to enrich the collaborative nature of this initiative, authors are encouraged to include 2-3 PowerPoint slides in the Supplementary Materials section of their manuscripts, when appropriate. These slides are intended for use by others in the teaching community.

Call for Contributions: The success of GlycoForum-Education depends on the active participation of our community members. Therefore, we extend an invitation to all glycobiologists to contribute to this section by sharing their unique teaching approaches, materials, or insights. Your contributions will undoubtedly contribute to the growth and development of glycobiology education.

We look forward to seeing this section thrive with you valuable contributions. Thank you for considering being a contributor to GlycoForum-Education and for your ongoing commitment to advancing glycobiology education.

Best regards, 

Karen Colley
Editor-in-Chief, Glycobiology